Travel Guide to Windhoek

Best things to do and see in Windhoek

Windhoek: Why go

The capital of Namibia, and currently home to the only international airport, Windhoek is a quiet, orderly and modern city by African standards. Run by Germans from 1884 to 1915, it still bears this legacy in its grid-layout, architecture, customs and devotion to beer; it even hosts a mini Oktoberfest ever year! It lacks the local colour of the rest of Africa, but is a friendly first stop in Namibia; perfect for recovering from your flight before setting off on safari.

If you’re spending more time here, be sure to visit the Parliament Gardens, the ‘fairy cake’ Christuskirche, and Independence Avenue, which is lined with museums and galleries. Families will enjoy Zoo Park, with its lawns, open-air theatre and children’s playground, and further afield the National Botanical Gardens.

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