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By Lucy Richardson, Editor

You’re tired of winter. You can feel spring in the air, but decent weather is yet to show its face. Where can you go now for sunshine, t-shirt temperatures and lovely spring flowers? It’s a question we get asked a lot, so here is our pick of the five best places to holiday in April.

1 Morocco

 Average April temperatures: Highs: 24C; Lows: 13C

According to our resident expert, Ben, April is the best time to visit Morocco. Most of the country experiences good weather at this time of year, with temperatures feeling comfortable for walking around in. And if you need a good dose of vitamin D after that long winter slog, you should get plenty of sunshine here, too.

Where you go in Morocco will depend on the type of holiday you want. Marrakech is buzzy and brimming with culture whenever you visit – temps are likely to be in the mid-high 20s in April. Essaouira makes a great beach destination, though bear in mind that the sea won’t have warmed up after the winter just yet – but if you’re here for surfing, you’ll be fine. Ben particularly loves the Atlas Mountains in April – an easy hop from Marrakech – when the spring flowers burst into life, the snow melts, and the warmer but not yet scorching temperatures are ideal for hiking. And over in the Sahara, desert camps are coming into their prime: there’s often a green blanket of foliage on the dunes, and you might see some baby camels.

If Easter falls in April, bear in mind that prices are likely to be higher during the school holidays, though it’s a fab destination for a family adventure – our tips here. But if Ramadan falls on your dates, prices may well be lower – for advice, check out our blog on travelling in Morocco during Ramadan.

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2 Peloponnese, Greece

 Average April temperatures: Highs: 21C; Lows: 10C

If you haven’t heard our Greek-born co-founder, Michael, singing the praises of the Peloponnese, where have you been?! It’s his all-time favourite destination, but particularly in April for so many reasons…

Unlike the Greek islands, which generally haven’t yet opened for the season, the Peloponnese is a lived-in stretch of mainland Greece, so you’ll find plenty of life here in April. And with Athens being the nearest airport, flights operate year-round. Balmy spring temperatures in the mid 20s make the southern Peloponnese coast a gorgeous place to be. While the sea might be a bit chilly for anything more than a quick dip, hiking opportunities are at their best in April, with carpets of wildflowers and snow-covered summits in the distance. Michael was a hiking guide, so he can offer a ton of advice – see his insider guide.

Bear in mind that Orthodox Easter falls on different dates to the Protestant one, but it’s usually during April. Some hotels get busy during Holy Week, others are still at the start of their season; but either way, it’s a real bonus. Easter celebrations here are fun and convivial, with everyone out feasting together – you’ll get plenty of invites from the locals, and you’d be mad to pass up the chance for a party.

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3 Paris, France

 Average April temperatures: Highs: 17C; Lows: 6C

A quick break to Paris is a good idea at any time, but we think April is the best all-rounder. If you don’t believe us, just ask Ella Fitzgerald.

Spring is when the city spills outdoors, with bistros setting up alfresco dining, and parks bursting into colour. Cherry blossoms bloom, as do chestnuts, tulips and peonies, so head to the Jardin du Luxembourg or the Palais Royal Garden to see the spring colours. It’s a nice time of year for cycling, too, as it’s not yet overrun with summer tourists (but it is still busy). The weather in April is changeable but you often get a good dose of sunshine, and temps peaking at around 16C. And if the April showers do come, there’s no shortage of museums and galleries to nip into.

Paris’ main event in April is the Marathon, so check in advance for street closures, but there’s a lively atmosphere during this time, which is fun to be a part of. Another lovely marker of April is the start of the musical gardens and fountain shows at the Palace of Versaille – which is absolutely worth a day trip.

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4 Vietnam

 Average April temperatures: Highs: 29C; Lows: 25C

Finding the right month to travel to Vietnam can be tricky. This long, slender country stretches 1650km, and the north experiences an entirely different monsoon season to the south, so timing is key. If you want to tour the country, April is a great all-rounder for pleasant temperatures, sunshine and low rainfall. Plus, most domestic tourists travel to Vietnam later in the year (July/August), so you should find that prices are lower and sights aren’t so busy.

Central Vietnam in particular is sublime in April, often experiencing clear skies and average temps of 28C. It’s perfect for relaxing on the heavenly curves of golden sand around Da Nang, and for exploring the charming, lantern-lit streets of Hoi An’s picturesque old town, which lines the banks of the Thu Bon River.

In North Vietnam, the rains should have eased off, and places like Hanoi and Ha Long Bay should be experiencing temperatures in the mid-high 20s. Rural areas may still be chilly, so bring layers. South Vietnam will be warm but rather steamy at this time of year. In Saigon we did most of our exploring by night, which was actually very atmospheric, the skyline twinkling like New York City.

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5 Cyprus

 Average April temperatures: Highs: 23C; Lows: 12C

By April, most of us Europeans are yearning for summer but we don’t want to cross continents to find it. So choose Cyprus. Its southerly position off the coast of the Middle East means that good weather arrives earlier here, with April seeing temps in the mid-20s, little rain, and plenty of sunshine.

Head to the west of the island for the best of it – places like Paphos are gorgeous in spring, and it’s not too hot for exploring the archeological sites. The Troodos Mountains will be cooler but they’re at their most beautiful, turning a brilliant green from the winter rains, with wildflowers springing into life.

With the Easter holidays often falling in April (bear in mind that Orthodox Easter is different), Cyprus is a brilliant option for a family getaway – it’s safe, English is widely spoken, and they drive on the left. Plus, the beaches are sandy, seas are calm for swimming, and the kids won’t burn so easily in these temperatures. 1st April is Greek Cypriot National Day, so be aware that some small shops and restaurants may close, but expect street parades and a fun atmosphere.

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