Travel Guide to Seychelles

Best things to do and see in Seychelles

Seychelles: Why go

There’s more to the Seychelles than tropical palm-fringed beaches – yes, the powdery white sand is often voted the best in the world, and yes the postcard images of swaying palms and clear turquoise water also ring true. But unlike other Indian Ocean archipelagos, the 115 islands of the Seychelles offer huge variety: from dramatic granite rock formations covered in swathes of dense virgin rainforest to low-lying coral atolls with spectacular marine biodiversity and thousands of giant tortoises.

Conservation is a big deal. Since tourists started visiting in the 1970s, several marine parks as well as forest and mountain reserves have been created to protect the endemic flora and fauna. No motorized watersports are allowed and activities tend to be low-impact such as jungle trekking, sailing, big-game fishing, snorkeling the coral reefs or diving with whale sharks.

While the main island of Mahé is well developed, many of the smaller islands remain uninhabited and virtually untouched. Resorts tend to be small, luxurious and popular with honeymooners, such as North Island - a private island and our flagship Seychelles property. While staying there, take the opportunity to island-hop around a few of its neighbours - you’ll find delicious seafood, colourful Creole culture and your very own slice of paradise.

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