Travel Guide to The Basque Country

Best things to do and see in The Basque Country

The Basque Country: Why go

Why should you come to the Basque Country and its near neighbour Navarre? Well, let’s consider the facts. A short tour of this beautiful land will reveal the following: sandy beaches and high mountains, vibrant cities and cute country towns, Michelin-starred restaurants and those legendary pintxos bars, then magnificent vineyards and shimmering olive groves. In short, the scenery is spectacular, the food and wine even better. Welcome to the land of plenty!

So what about the Basques themselves? Don’t expect the frostiness of the British or the haughtiness of the French. On the contrary, the hallmarks of Basque hospitality are remarkable warmth and openness. You will be down in the pintxos bars eating great food and knocking back a glass of Rioja before you know it. Life is to be lived, that is the motto here. It is one the Basques abide to with great precision.

There is also the story of the Basques themselves. This is an ancient land, rich in tradition. The Basque people have lived here for millennia. They are one of the most settled ethnic groups on the planet. As for their language, it is wholly original, unlike any other. It is hard to visit their corner of heaven and not leave with a new-found empathy for their quest to be recognised for who they are.

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