Travel Guide to Aragon

Best things to do and see in Aragon

Aragon: Why go

Aragon is a large and little visited province of inland Spain, close to the Pyrenees and desert interior. Its capital is Zaragoza, but for now, we're concentrating on one corner, that of Matarraña near the borders with Catalonia and Valencia regions, and about 1 hour from the Mediterranean Sea. It's a real wilderness, and a surprisingly green one thanks to its Mediterranean climate, with verdant valleys, rocky mountains, medieval castles, tumbling waterfalls and the turquoise river Ebro. Outdoor enthusiasts come to hike, bike, fish, climb and kayak - and there's wonderful bird watching to be had, with eagles soaring high above craggy peaks. Culturally, it's closest to Catalonia and Catalan is widely spoken in the region.

Mas de la Serra and La Torre del Visco are two tranquil and surprisingly indulgent retreats in the heart of Matarraña, perfect bases to explore the region (and, in Mas de la Serra's case, an amazing house rental for 16-20 in its own right).

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