i-escape HQ has had a baby boom in the last year and we’re all well versed in what to pack when you’re travelling with a nipper, so we thought we’d share our baby travel essentials.

Grab yourself the biggest in-flight bag you can carry and fill it up with these goodies and you’re ready to go…

1. Toys, toys and more toys

2. A change of clothes for your baby

3. A change of clothes for you (if your baby is sick on the flight, and it’s sitting on your lap, you won’t be able to escape!)

4. Something warm and comfy, like a pashmina or blanket

5. Teething rings

6. Calpol. Sachets are easier on the move than bottles and the syringes are better than spoons

7. Nappies, nappy sacks and a full pack of wipes

8. Antiseptic hand gel

9. Food for you

10. Food for the baby, including pre-packed milk, a bottle and a bib. Snacks that take a long time to eat are best, like rice cakes for babies.

11. An iPad or iPhone pre-loaded with baby-friendly apps

12. Their special security toy or blanket

13. A dummy if you use one, plus a clip to attach it to their clothes so it doesn’t fall on the floor

14. Muslins for everything: clearing up sick, snot, preserving your dignity, using as a sunhat, shading the buggy in full sunshine, you name it…

We’d also recommend:

•Checking out where the sick bags are as soon as you get on board

•Not sitting together, so you can pass the baby over when you’re exhausted and have a break

•Sitting next to a smiley, baby-friendly person who might help you keep the little one entertained