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By Michael Cullen, i-escape Co-Founder

So, what is iescape+? Our co-founder Michael shares the ideas behind our new membership scheme and answers your 9 most burning questions

The i-escape blog / The idea behind iescape+ / Como Cocoa Island

Q. What is iescape+?

A. It’s our way of rewarding loyal customers via a new members’ area of the site, which gives access to exclusive hotel and villa offers, extra perks on arrival, expert hotel advice and more. It’s totally free, with no hidden commitments or costs. You can join in one simple step here.


Q. Doesn’t the world have enough membership schemes?

A. Yes that is true. But this one is so simple – nothing to pay, nothing to remember – that it’s more of a friendly hello than a membership scheme. Just sign in with your existing password while browsing (or join for free if you’re new to iescape+), and you’ll immediately unlock the hidden extras.

The i-escape blog / The idea behind iescape+ / Como Cocoa Island

Q. So what are those hidden extras?

A. Secret sales at some of our favourite hotels; exclusive access to fabulous offers at our hotels and other brands we love; extra perks on arrival such as free champagne or room upgrades; the chance to win i-escape gift vouchers when you send us feedback on your recent stays; and a little something from us on your birthday.

Perhaps most valuable of all, you’ll get a hotline to our expert booking consultants, who between them have visited most of our hotels and can give honest, first-hand advice to help you plan your trip.


Q. Why do I need to log in?

A. Logging in proves that you are an existing member, and some of the perks are integrally linked to your profile, such as the birthday gift (which is triggered on your birthday) or review rewards (when you submit feedback on your i-escape stays).

The i-escape blog / The idea behind iescape+ / The Manor House

Q. What level of hotel advice can I expect?

A. Try us! Whether it’s choosing the best hotel for you, what type of room to book, how many nights in each place, or should I bring my own baby bath or dog bed – we deal with this sort of question every day. We can’t promise that the person who answers the phone has been to every hotel or destination you’re considering, but someone in the team has, and can get back to you…


Q. Why did you decide to create iescape+ now?

A. We noticed that people are increasingly using our site as a trusted guide to the world’s best boutique hotels and rentals, but then booking directly (often in the misplaced hope of getting a better price). This is our way of saying: you can trust us with the booking process too.

Not only do we always match (or beat) the direct price, but if you have problems or questions when booking, we’re right here with straight and speedy answers. When you arrive, you’ll usually get extra perks, like champagne or a room upgrade. And afterwards, we really want to hear your feedback afterwards: we might even pay you for it!

The i-escape blog / The idea behind iescape+ / Ponta dos Ganchos

Q. Isn’t booking hotels complicated enough anyway?

A. For sure, it’s become very murky – and often stressful – in the 15 years since I’ve been in the business. There are countless offers to fathom; flexible or non-refundable rates to choose between; pop-ups and comparison widgets; panicky messages like ‘Last room left’ or ‘35 people are looking at this hotel’ (hopefully these won’t be around much longer, as the websites in question are currently being investigated for deliberately creating false impressions).

But we will never go down that road. We want planning your holiday to be part of the fun. So we’ll hold your hand if you get stuck. We’ll intelligently simplify the choice of rates and rooms (our system pre-applies the best offer for your dates). And we’ll reward our loyal users with exclusive deals and birthday gifts.


Q. What will I get on my birthday then?

A. Ah, that would be telling. But if you let us know your birthday, and make at least one i-escape booking per year, then you’ll get a nice surprise.

Q. Great, where do I sign up?

A. You can join in one simple step here. It’s totally free, with no hidden commitments or costs to sign up or use.