lucydbdWe recently kick-started the introductions to our new team of i-escape bloggers with Fritha from TigerlillyQuinn. This week, we’re saying hello to Lucy from the lovely Dear Beautiful, one of the small selection of fantastic family and lifestyle bloggers who will be joining us to explore the i-escape Kids Collection and bring you the scoop on some boutique gems.

Your blog in one sentence…

“The story of a young family who love having adventures, making memories and living their own happily ever after.”

Dear Beautiful
Dear Beautiful

What kicked it all off?

“Blogging for me started as a way to record what my little boy got up to as a baby. Being a new mum was an amazing, all-encompassing experience and I wanted to remember every second of it. The blog has grown as our family has grown, with the addition of a little sister for our son. And it has always been about us finding our way and enjoying life to the full as a family…. and taking far too many photographs!”

When picking a break, what are the top three things you look for in a destination?

“Beautiful places to look at are always top of my list – be that man-made or natural, bright and colourful or muted and simple. I’m drawn to beautiful things. Water would always come pretty high up the list for us as a family, too. We absolutely adore the beach, whatever the time of the year. And we’re water babies, so if we can swim then even better. I’d also say that we love finding a hidden gem – quiet places off the beaten track, amazing little food spots, unknown beauty spots. We love the hustle and bustle of adventuring, but if we can find something special and unique then even better.”

Dear Beautiful
Dear Beautiful

What destination is high on your hitlist for 2015?

“This year is all about adventures for us, and we are so excited about discovering more of this great wide world of ours. High up on our wishlist is to take the children on their first aeroplane flight. We definitely have Cornwall in our sights, too; as such beach-lovers, it feels like a total crime that we haven’t been there before!”

If you could pack your bags for any i-escape hotel, where would you go?

Culloden Cove in Jamaica. It looks like absolute paradise, with the privacy of your own infinity pool, and hammocks swinging in the sea breeze above your own bit of beach. Total heaven.”

Culloden Cove
Culloden Cove

If you could only visit one country for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

“It would have to be the USA. It’s so huge that I don’t think you could ever run out of places to visit. Plus there is so much variety. With the mountains of Alaska, the bright lights of New York City, the chilled-out vibe of Key West, the history and culture of Washington DC, the fall in New England, the beautiful Californian coast, the chance to drive Route 66… I don’t think it’s somewhere that I could ever get bored of.”

What’s your earliest travel memory?

“I was lucky to get to travel quite a bit as a child, and our first ever trip to Orlando stands out as a highlight. When we were on honeymoon in Cuba, we visited an amazing beach called Pilar Beach, which is one of the most stunning places I’ve ever been. And my favourite travel memory with the children would have to be when we went to Pembrokeshire last year – we totally fell in love with that beautiful coastline.”

Dear Beautiful
Dear Beautiful

What’re the essential items in your suitcase?

“My cameras, for making lots of videos and taking lots of photos. And plenty of spare memory cards.”

Any top tips for stress-free travel with the kids?

“Don’t assume that children only want to do ‘children-specific’ things. My kids have had great days out ignoring the soft play area in favour of exploring somewhere new and trying different things. And take things that make them happy. We never travel without a couple of their special bedtime toys so that they can go off to sleep with that familiarity.”

Take a look at Lucy’s blog or read our Q&A with Fritha of TigerlillyQuinn

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